OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs the seasons change, so do our services at Carrington Lawn & Landscape. In addition to our lawn care and maintenance services, we offer complete commercial and residential snow removal services designed to meet the demands of high traffic office parks while still shoveling the smallest residential sidewalks. We use only high performance snow removal equipment and are always ready for whatever Mother Nature brings us during the winter months.

Snow removal is more than just a way to stay busy during the winter months.  At Carrington Lawn & Landscape, we are very serious and passionate about our snow division and are always thinking white, even when the Madison and Middleton areas are green.  We are active members in SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association), the snow industries only professional organization, and annually attend the Snow and Ice Symposium in the summer months.  Education for both our employees and our customers is critical to success when the snow piles up.  Clear communication in regards to service expectations, quality, reliability and price are the cornerstone of our success.

We take a lot of pride in our quality and reliability with our snow removal operations and in 2014 have enjoyed a customer retention rate of over 95% the last five winters with our commercial accounts. We are always researching the newest trends and products in the snow removal industry and communicate with our customers where they may benefit from these new innovations.  The snow industry is evolving and quality demands continue to influence the future of snow removal operations.  Do not sign on with a contractor that is more focused on getting you to sign on the dotted line as opposed to communicating your direct requirements and establishing a long term relationship.

Commercial Snow Removal

snow_cta2We offer complete commercial service custom tailoring our procedures to best meet your specific properties demands. All your snow requirements will be met by our experienced staff as soon as the snow starts falling. Our current commercial customer base consists of office parks, health clinics, shopping malls, banks, movie theaters, etc. Extensive commercial references are always available upon request. We only take on new commercial accounts that operate with similar long-term relationship philosophies that we do and we invest extensive time into our new accounts to ensure the best service possible. Our snow removal insurance is above and beyond industry standards and certificates are always supplied upon contract acceptance. Call our office today at (608) 821-0322 to learn more about our company.


Our commercial services offered include:

  • A pre-season physical site walk through with property management to ensure proper communication, expectations, identification of physical hazards and other general concerns
  • Commercial Parking Lot Snow Plowing
  • Sidewalk & Walkway Shoveling
  • Salt, Premium Enhanced Deicers, & Ice Melt applications to parking lots and walkways
  • Salt Free & Non-Corrosive Ice Melt Applications
  • Snow Relocating and Hauling Services
  • Removal of snow from roofs in danger of collapse due to the heavy weight of accumulated snow

Customer education of the snow removal industry is critical in determining your specific property requirements and in choosing an appropriate contractor. Click on the following like to be directed to the SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association) website and click on “Looking for a Winter Service Provider?” in the upper right hand corner of their home page. This is un-biased advice guidelines available to property managers from the absolute leader in snow removal knowledge.



Residential Snow Removal

While you can customize any snow removal package, our standard residential service includes snow removal from your driveway, sidewalks and walkway to the front door. If desired, we can apply a premium ice melt product (safer for concrete and vegetation) to your concrete for an additional charge. Request an estimate today and you can forget about waking up early in the freezing cold to shovel your driveway before work.


All of our equipment is top of the line and is always kept in perfect running order-preventative maintenance is critical to the success of any professional snow organization. All our trucks are late model and equipped with the best equipment available. Our snow technicians receive extensive training to ensure premium quality results. We stock extensive supplies of all our deicing products from our bulk parking lot enhanced rock salt to our variety of different walkway deicers to ensure we never have a shortage.



In an industry that operates exclusively when environmental conditions are at their worst, safety is paramount. It is also where most snow contractors in the Madison, WI area cut corners and ignore the potential consequences. Safety education is both respected and practiced by our snow technicians through regular scheduled safety meetings. ALL of our plow trucks and skid loaders have flashing strobe lights to ensure our presence is noticed, even in low visibility conditions. We convey to our customers our safety recommendations for both our technicians and for their individual properties specific requirements.

Snow Pic 5 revisedEnvironment

While ensuring a safe working environment always comes first in our snow operations, we are also always thinking of our environment. In 2005 we started using enhanced deicers, both in place of standard parking lot rock salt and in place of traditional ice melt products for walkways and sidewalks. Three major objectives are achieved by these products: First, these products are more effective that standard rock salts. This means less product is necessary to achieve the same results. Therefore less is used each application and there is less runoff to watersheds (this also translates to a cost savings!). They also are more accurate to their targets due to less bounce and scatter (this is usually significant in truck mounted salt spreaders with standard rock salt). Second, they contain corrosion inhibitors. This means the product that is used has less effect on concrete deterioration, landscaped areas and other physical objects. Third, there is a small residual effect that can carry over to the next snow event. When this happens, snow and ice is cleared more effectively allowing for less product to be used after the second snow event. Please call us for further explanation on our premium deicers and how you can benefit from them.

Holiday Lighting

We offer complete holiday lighting installation and decorating services to make your landscape the envy of the neighborhood. Whether you desire a simple outline of your house and windows or complete nativity scenes and other lawn decorations, we will propose and install a package that brings extra joy to the holidays. Call our office today to set up a consultation to brighten up your winter landscape.

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