Working at Carrington

At Carrington Lawn & Landscape, our goal is to provide the best quality in all of our services. Therefore, we hire skilled, hardworking applicants to help us meet this goal. To be a member of our team, you must be willing to try new practices, work well with others, and above all else, value and appreciate the work you have accomplished at the end of the day.

We are an industry leader when it comes to wages for one reason: we work hard and expect nothing but the best from all our staff. We are a rapidly growing company who requires applicants to have both ambition and experience. Full benefits are available.



During the growing season, we only take on work contracted to us. Usually we will do any lawn care or landscape work for other services provided they operate with similar philosophies as we do. This is an especially good way for companies who do not offer all landscape maintenance services to provide their customers with “complete care” relating to their landscape. For example, a service that offers lawn care, but is not licensed and certified for fertilizer/herbicide applications, can offer this service to their customers through contracting this work to us. It is a good way to provide better service and essentially make money for doing no work. Also, we sign written documents stating we will not try to “steal” any services you currently provide to your customers.

In the winter months, we sometimes contract out snowplowing. Subcontractors must provide their own truck, snowplow, cell phone, and liability insurance. Hourly pay rate depends on size of truck, size and type of snowplow, experience and availability when the snow starts falling (we usually need 100% availability during the winter months). A certificate of insurance must be presented at time of hiring.

In the winter we also take on deicing (mainly salting and sanding) work from other services. Our rates depend on the quantity of product used and the number of properties we are asked to do.


  • Industry leading wages
  • 401k matching program
  • Health and Dental Insurance
  • Year-round work garments baring company logo as no cost (button-up collared work shirts, tee shirts, sweat shirts, pants, shorts, hats, rain gear, winter jackets, etc.)
  • Company-assisted attendance of industry education events, acquisition of certifications, and general professional development
  • Dedicated storage space for personal items