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Your Trusted Ally

Carrington Lawn & Landscape is an industry leading snow and ice management company whose foundation was built with intention and strategic planning. You can’t afford to hire someone to simply push snow around – you need a reliable partner who anticipates the unique challenges of your property and doesn’t need to be managed.

Mother Nature is unpredictable. It’s vital that your ally in snow and ice management is not. Carrington’s unwavering reliability is the product of thoughtful preparation, clear communication, cutting edge equipment and a team of professionals who are focused on keeping your business operational and safe.

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A Competitive Advantage

Carrington has a competitive advantage in the Madison area: our team is led by Dane County’s only Certified Snow Professional® and managed by Certified Advanced Snow Managers® through the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA).  We’re big thinkers and innovators who are invested in winter operations 12 months a year. If we’re not in the throes of an active event, we’re strategizing for the next one. 

We’ve built a cadre of snow & ice management veterans who take pride in providing next-level service. Our team is Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) certified and are Snowfighter Institute Alumni who practice continuous learning from the best consultants and educators in the industry.

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Commercial Parking
Lot Clearing

Sidewalk & Walkway

Salt, Enhanced Deicers & Ice Melt Applications

Non-corrosive ice melt applications

Liquid Anti-icing & Direct Liquid Applications

Snow Hauling & Relocating

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Anti-icing & Deicing Experts

Carrington is Salt Wise Certified and prioritizes our commitment to our environment. Years have been invested in refining both anti-icing and deicing applications because we don’t leave anything to chance. We make our own enhanced salt brine to ensure liquid treatments stay on target, last longer, and work at lower temperatures than traditional salt brine. 

Corrosion inhibitors are utilized to preserve the integrity of your property and are a safer alternative to traditional rock salt and deicers. 


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Environmentally Vigilant

Excessive chloride use across the region and in Dane County is a problem: our lakes are suffering irreversible damage. Carrington is committed to mitigating our footprint without sacrificing safety or superior service.

Carrington is a proud member of the Clean Lakes Alliance. We’re west Madison natives who cherish our lakes and have an innate desire to be good stewards of our environment, even in the depths of winter. 


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Precise Communication

Communication and transparency are fundamental. A third party weather service is utilized to document conditions during every event. Atmospheric and pavement temperatures are logged and monitored in real time to ensure proper usage of deicing products.  Our snow industry software timestamps each visit and ensures our crews have clear directions.



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The Partner You Deserve

Wisconsin winters are legendary – for being cold, snowy and (almost) endless. Our experts take their job personally: count on Carrington for proactive, reliable and consistent service every time. Trust our team of professionals to get you to bare pavement faster and keep your business safe all winter long.