Our Core Values: Carrington's Culture Code

Our Core Values: Carrington’s Culture Code

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Our core values guide decision making, strategic planning and cultural growth. We are driven by a collective effort to embody our core values and use them to align The Company’s goals & vision with those of our team, clients & industry partners.



We’re determined to exceed client & colleague expectations. We view obstacles and setbacks as opportunities to refocus & refuel.




We value effectiveness over effort: we work smarter, not harder. We exercise good judgement, stick to our goals and prioritize safety.




We deserve teammates who are superstars in their roles but we don’t glorify Destructive Heros. We share information openly and rally to achieve common goals. We are invested in each other’s success.




We challenge the status quo & are willing to pivot when priorities shift. We have courage to embrace change in the name of improvement.




We can admit mistakes and are honest about our limitations. We’re open to opposing opinions. We hold ourselves accountable to our Core Values.





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