Landscape Project Preparation

Landscape Project Preparation

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We take great pride in the quality of our work, and we also work diligently to ensure that our
work sites are clean and safe. The following is a list of what you can expect when your project
gets underway and how you can help us keep your worksite and neighborhood clean and safe.

  • Ensure that power is available on outside electrical outlets and that the outside water faucets
    are turned on a few days before the start date in case work needs to commence earlier.
  • Prior to start date, move all outside furnishings into a garage or storage area and clear any
    areas of your property that were approved for project material storage/handling.
  • Please also remove any pet waste from the project area and surrounding areas.
  • Please also mow your lawn prior to the project start, as long turf can inhibit the workflow.
  • If your project requires excavation, we will contact Digger’s Hotline to mark the location(s) of
    utility lines. Locators will spray paint lines and place flags in your yard.
  • Cable TV and telephone lines will be marked, but are often buried just under the
    surface. We take every precaution to avoid cutting a live line but should we
    inadvertently do so the telecommunications company will need to be contacted to
    repair the line professionally. Note that this may mean interrupted service.
  • Please keep in mind that your project is a construction site and should be treated as such.
    Children are often drawn to big trucks and equipment, so they must be kept well away from
    the work site for their safety!
  • Please have cars parked away from the worksite. If you or your neighbors park on the street,
    try to park at least 200 feet away from the project site to leave room for our equipment.
  • We implement wet-cutting techniques to minimize dust created from cutting pavers and wall
    blocks, however, this is not always possible. To minimize the inconvenience of dust, especially
    on windy days, you and your neighbors should keep windows and doors—including garage
    doors—closed when cutting is underway.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to the foreman. The foreman will
    contact the designer or project manager on issues that can’t be resolved on-site. For the
    safety of everyone involved, do not engage the foreman in conversation near a work area.
    Have any conversations at a safe distance from the worksite. Note that foremen are not
    permitted to allow customers, friends, or relatives on the work site without appropriate
    personal protective equipment (eye protection, foot protection, etc.) while work is being
    conducted. Your foreman is responsible for the safety of our staff and any visitors to your
    job site. Please do not expect them to compromise your safety or their responsibilities.
  • Our crews are scheduled based on a 4-day work week for increased efficiency and flexibility
    around the weather. For questions about your schedule, please call the office.
  • Your work site will always be clean and safe at the end of every work day. If you notice
    something that you feel might be a danger, please contact us as soon as possible.

Thank you for choosing Carrington Lawn & Landscape for your project and doing your part to
help us maintain a clean and safe work environment!

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