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Are you under-appreciated at your current company?

Do you want to be part of an energetic team that values passion and character?

Carrington Lawn & Landscape focuses on people – our staff & our clients. We believe in taking care of people first and financial success will follow. We are locally-owned, highly-organized, and looking for motivated individuals to join our team. We are willing to share our company to help you fulfill your career dreams. Let’s get together to talk about how you can get started.

We are seeking ambitious new crew members for positions including Landscape Installation Team. Only experienced candidates will be considered and special consideration will be given to character: positive, punctual, hardworking, and willing to learn.  Our ideal candidate enjoys working outside and contributing to the success of a professional team.

Position Requirements:

  • Valid driver’s license with a clean driving record
  • 1+ years of experience in the landscape industry required
  • Experience in operating skid steers and mid-size trucks


Our benefits package includes:

  • Health, Dental & Vision Insurance. A group plan with no annual deductible, available immediately upon hire
    401k with a company match program
  • Company-paid life insurance policy
  • Year-end bonus based on company profit margins
  • Year-round, high-quality work garments baring company logo at no cost (company shirts, sweatshirts, pants, hats, rain gear, winter jackets, etc.)
  • Company-assisted attendance of industry education events, acquisition of certifications, and general professional development
  • High snow removal wages (if desired in winter months)


We strive to maintain a work environment that is fun and professional – where good work is rewarded with responsibility and empowerment – and where professional development and employee retention is the ultimate goal.


Still curious? Read on to learn more about our employment philosophy

  • PROFESSIONALISM | Work with a dedicated team of career-minded landscape professionals who use modern equipment, tools, and vehicles, and implement industry-backed installation practices.
  • CAREER ADVANCEMENT | Grow your career through a variety of company-funded industry education events and certification programs offered through organizations such as ICPI, NCMA, and NALP.
  • COMPANY CULTURE | Work in an environment where you are acknowledged, respected and treated like a professional. We pay out bonuses based on performance and schedule multiple staff outings each year.
  • COMPENSATION | Experience competitive pay and benefits package. Enjoy company-provided apparel and dedicated toolsets.
  • FLEXIBILITY | Our ‘Family First’ initiative is based on the belief that everyone has a unique set of non-work demands. Accommodating for a healthy work-life balance creates a win-win situation where our staff enjoys a higher quality of life and turnover is minimized.
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