Aeration is the most natural way to obtain a healthy lawn. But what exactly are you doing when you aerate? The machine used digs into the core of your lawn and pulls up bits of thatch, or built-up grass that are keeping your lawn from growing. Because of the plugs that get created during the aeration process, water, sunlight and oxygen can then penetrate the lawn and get the nutrients to the core of your lawn..

A question that is frequently asked is from homeowners, asking how they can determine if they need to aerate their lawn. If your yard gets quite a bit of use from it, either from kids running around or the hauling of heavy equipment, it should be aerated. If it is dry and dead you are seeing first hand what lawn thatch will do to your yard. These are only two instances in which your lawn may be showing signs of thatch build up.

If you are recognizing these signs and have come to the conclusion that your lawn needs to be aerated, the next step is knowing when the best time to aerate is. The best time for aeration is during the growing season, so spring into early summer. This is because the lawn has time to heal after the lawn care.
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