fallSummer is quickly coming to an end, and with that transition of season comes a transition in the appearance of your lawn. Leaves start to fall, branches start to break, and some of those plants begin to die. When fall and winter come, these can pose as more yard work than we’d like. Carrington Lawn & Landscape has a few tips for managing your trees this coming fall.

As we stated, when fall comes, our trees lose their leaves and branches break. If you’re looking to avoid doing maximum amounts of work and get your trees prepared for next summer, having one of our lawn service professionals visit your Madison home is a fantastic option! We know what your trees are intended to grow like, and we know when they need to be trimmed.

As we inspect your trees, we look for any form of bug infestation or disease within the tree. We’ll also look for any dead branches in the growth of your tree. Both of these are not only difficult to maintain throughout the colder seasons, but they pose as threats during the winter. As dead branches and dead or diseased trees get packed with snow, they are more likely to fall, causing damage to your home or yard.

If you haven’t had your trees managed, it’s best to have one of our professionals come and check them out! We can tell you what type of maintenance needs to be done with them before the fall and winter seasons come around. Give us a call today!