The following testimonials are from customers we preformed lawn care, landscape construction and snow removal services for over the past few years. Our business has been built on doing quality work and on the relationship of trust we have established with our customers. We take pride in the fact that we have grown primarily through word of mouth from our existing customers and through their confident referrals. Extensive referrals beyond these testimonials are available upon request and we encourage you to view our work on our Project Gallery.

Landscape Design & Installation Testimonials

“Thank you again for the excellent work you did on our landscaping this year.  The lawn/yard is beautiful – the artistry, symmetry, and attention to detail in everything you do from design to installation is outstanding.  Ken and I always enjoy working with you and we thank you for making our outdoor spaces so beautiful.  I hope to work with you again in the future.  Have a good remaining summer and fall.  Best regards.”

Verda B.


“I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job the men did.  It is absolutely fabulous.  It’s the envy of the neighborhood.  I have told everyone about it and they cannot believe how cost-effective the wall was.  So please, please pass along my message to your crews on an outstanding job.”

Bill K.


“I keep getting questions and comments on the beautiful new wall.  Thanks for your good work-didn’t think it would be visible enough to become such a topic of conversation.”

Kim R.


“Phil, I just wanted to let you know that the guys did an amazing job on the landscape work.  They were very hardworking and careful in their work.  They had great attitudes and were all very approachable.  It was a great experience working with you guys and I will be passing your name along to others I know.  Thanks.”

Rob C.


“It was a pleasure to work with Phil, and I appreciate his patience with the delays I requested.  The guys did a great job with the planting detail.  Thank you for a job well done.”

Lois L.


“Phil, I just want both you and Sean to know how professional and hard working the crew was who worked on our landscaping.  We think it really opened up the front of the house, which is good.  The guys really worked hard and we appreciate it!”

Karen B.


“Sean, the whole landscape looks amazing.  Everything turned out perfect.  I am really happy and don’t know what else to say.  I am glad we made the changes we did as we went through the different parts of the project.  I will have more work for you to do next year.  Thanks again.”

Jamie B.


“Everything looks amazing.  I am so happy with the landscaping and am going to use this area all the time.  The guys were awesome, as they always are, and I can’t believe how well it turned out.  I love everything.  You guys are amazing!”



Lawn Care & Maintenance Testimonials

“Hello Sean, I just returned from a board meeting where Carrington Lawn Care was mentioned several times – each time with very high praise.  A member said that “our association’s lawn has never looked better.”  Another, “they just glisten, sparkle.”  Another commented on the landscaping work done, “They really did a nice job at Mary’s”. Just thought you should pass these along to Adam and his crew mates and take a bow for the training and decisions that you do and make!”

Wava H.


“I personally wanted to say ‘Thanks’ for all of the years of quality service you have provided my parents. I know how particular my Dad was, so if he kept you contracted for as long as he did, that is saying something.  Thanks again.”

Lyle M.


“The mosquito treatment has been incredibly effective. I have seen almost no mosquitoes since the treatment and we’ve been able to reclaim our backyard. The mosquito magnets were catching them by the thousands before the treatment and catching almost none now. Wow. Thank you!”

Scott R.


“Hi Sean – Larry M. said the same thing – that the place looked especially spiffy after your group finished the 2nd fall clean-up.  I also thought that things looked especially nice and clean.  Thanks for being willing to coordinate the first fall clean-up with the gutter cleaning.  That was a big help.”

Arlys N.


“Hi Sean, nary a dandelion in sight, weeds by the rock wall are mostly dead, driveway weeds are gone and the grass looks great.  Nice work!!  Thank you.”

Cindy M.


“I’ve been wanting to THANK YOU for the superb job you have done on my trees.  I’m truly satisfied and don’t hesitate to tell everyone who did the job for me.”

Charlotte M. 


“Thank you for making our yard the best looking yard in the neighborhood.  It is so nice to always have such a good looking yard and not have to do anything to make it look that way.”

Jerry S.


“This is our first year using Carrington Lawn Care and I quite honestly can’t believe how fantastic my yard and trees look this year.  I’m typing this because I’ve been with three different service providers prior to you, and had become quite frustrated trying to keep foliage on my ornamental trees out in the front yard (the Japanese Beetles were wicked and had just about destroyed my trees for the past few years).  This is actually the first year that both my Mountain Ash and Blue Beech trees have had leaves and leaves that are green and healthy.

My lawn is very near the greenest if not the greenest of my neighbors, and without weeds and brown patches as in prior years.  I simply didn’t believe you when you communicated that I could pay you the same price as your competitors, but have the best looking lawn and trees.

I am completely satisfied and will return next year.  You allowed me monthly payments at a fair price.  I’m smiling daily looking at my lawn and beetle-less trees.

I thank you and your staff for taking the extra special care of us new customers this year.  I’ll be recommending Carrington Lawn Care every opportunity afforded to me.  Thank you.”

Patti M.


Hey Sean, Ron J. here, I just wanted to get back to you on the work your guys did last week.  You did a great job and it really, really looks great.  They did a really good job on the shrub trimming, just like what we wanted, they really stand out and the three evergreens in front look great with the new landscaping.  They look 100% better and look alive again.  Everything looks sharp.  New neighbors have been stopping by commenting on the lawn and landscape, everything looks perfect.”

Ron J.


“I believe in positivity and giving thanks when thanks is due.  I know I said it on the phone, but…here it is again.  Thanks so much for sending your team in the rain to complete our flowers.  Rosewood is having visitors later this week and we are proud to show off our garden and the good work our landscape company is doing!! :)”

Melanie S.


Snow & Ice Management Testimonials

“Carrington did a great job with the snowstorm yesterday.  They plowed in the afternoon so people could get into their garages after work.  Everything looks great today!!!  Great company!!…we have the best cleaned sidewalks and roadways around!!!  Let’s keep these guys.”

Claire W. (written to management)


“…By the way, I want to express my compliments to you and your crew for the fine job of snow removal during our big storms of recent times.  You did a super job of clearing roads and driveways and I know it must have been an enormous amount of work given the volumes of snow.  The owners were very complimentary of the job done and I just want to pass this on along with my personal thanks for the good work.”

Rod M.


“At ’a boy(s)!!  Want to know that several residents have commented what a great job you have done cleaning up our massive amount of snow.  We ALL appreciate it.  You have earned the respect from the community for the service you provide.  Way to go!!”

Melanie S.


“Good Morning Sean, I met with a couple people at the Walton Commons office yesterday and they were raving about how happy they were with the service that has been done by Carrington so far this winter season.  I thought you and your staff would like to know this.  Lots of times all I hear are complaints of what other people are not doing, so it’s always good to have someone tell me that they are happy with the service.  Thank you for keeping our parking lots clean and safe.  Have a great day Sean!”

Sally Z.