The unbearable cold of winter is right around the corner, and that means that the leafs are falling off your trees at an incredible rate. We’ve talked about the difficulty of maintaining a leaf free lawn, and how important that is, but do you know the importance of having clean gutters and managing the foliage that builds up within them? Carringtown Lawn Services know that the damage that dead leaves cause doesn’t stop at your lawn, in fact, gutters are more than likely the main culprit of dead leaves in the fall!

Managing the cleanliness of your gutters needs to happen more than once a year, especially if your home has a fair amount of trees surrounding it. Unfortunately, this chore is often a thought on the back burner and goes unnoticed until the gutter has fallen or is damaged. Even checking your gutters a couple of times a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, can make the process of managing and cleaning your gutters quick and easy.

If you’re curious as to why managing your gutters is such a big deal, you’ll be happy to hear you’re not the only one out there wondering. Gutters serve as a way of keeping water away from the structure of your home, keeping the heavy duty foundation of your home safe from rotting or deterioration. When leaves, nests or other debris falls into the gutter and blocks the shoot, not only will water build-up and flow into the foundation of your home, but the debris will soak up the water and pull the gutter down, causing them to breakaway from your home. This poses as a danger for anyone that is near to the home, but also creates damage to siding, roofing and any other materials that the gutter is mounted to.

Manage the cleanliness of your gutters before the snow melt this winter by scheduling a gutter cleaning by Carrington Lawn Services. We take care of the dirty work for you and leave your home in a quality state that will ensure water gets no where near your home’s foundation. Call us today!