leafFall brings those changing leaves that we all love, unfortunately, shortly after that they begin to cover our lawn. Regardless of how many hours you spend raking leaves, it seems impossible to really maintain a clean lawn during the fall. If you’re tired of pushing yourself to the limit with raking this fall, Carrington Lawn and Landscape has you covered!

You may be curious as to why removing the leaves from your lawn is so important; is it really that important to have a tidy looking lawn? The truth is that removing the leaves from your lawn is important to the health of your lawn. When your leaves accumulate, they encourage the growth of mold, mildew and fungus, which is incredibly bad for your lawn and can make it difficult to grow back come spring.

Another way that unkempt leaves damage your lawn is the weight they add when wet. Between heavy rain storms and the beginning of snowfall, leaves absorb the moisture. This not only keeps your lawn from obtaining the water, but it also makes it difficult for your lawn to breathe. Without the water and air flow, your grass doesn’t have all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Keep your lawn healthy for years to come by trusting Carrington Lawn and Landscape clean up the leaves left on your lawn. Our-full service clean up includes the removal and disposal of any undesirable parts of your lawn. Call us today to schedule your fall clean up!