We all have that one neighbor whose yard is absolutely impeccable. The neighbor whose lawn always seems to be lush and green, regardless what time of year it is. The landscaping Madisonneighbor whose landscaping looks like something out of Home and Garden Magazine. The neighbor we all love to hate because their perfect lawn makes ours look like a brown sand pit. Well, now you can join your neighbor on the other, much greener, side of the fence. Carrington Lawn and Landscape is your  secret weapon to finally giving your green-thumbed neighbor a run for their money.

At Carrington Lawn and Landscape, we live for landscaping and lawn care. We are a full service landscaping and lawn care company in Madison that specializes in everything from patio installations to hedge trimming. We understand that your lawn is a reflection of our team and our work so, we treat your lawn like we would ours. We design and install unique landscapes that are sure to give your curb appeal a boost. However, our job doesn’t stop there. We are also committed to helping you maintain and care for those uniquely designed landscapes. We are a local company that cares more about the service we provide, as well as the relationships we build than making a large profit. We are dedicated to providing outstanding craftsmanship and services so we can enhance your outdoor experience.

If you are tired of your lawn looking less than spectacular next to your neighbor’s lawn, give the professionals at Carrington Lawn and Landscape a call. Our landscaping professionals will have your lawn looking beautiful so you can be the neighbor everyone loves to hate for a change. Call us today and find out how we can help you create your own oasis.