It’s no secret that the key to keeping your lawn looking lush and green is ensuring that it gets enough moisture, especially in the summer. Without it, your lawn will start to look scorched, brown, and sparse. lawn service MadisonHowever, it is just as important to ensure that you don’t overwater your lawn. Overwatering your lawn can lead to other problems or complications. As your lawn service and maintenance experts in Madison, our team has a few tips that should help you better understand how to effectively water your lawn this summer.

How Much Do You Water?

How many of you simply turn on your sprinklers and leave them on for about 30 minutes? How many of you leave them on for less than half that time? The bottom line is that many homeowners simply guess as to how much water they think their lawns need. On average, your lawn should be getting about 1”-1 ½” of water per week. Instead of watering a little bit every day, it is best to give your lawn a good soaking and apply about ½” of water about 2-3 times a week.

When Do You Water?

While you may be tempted to water your lawn during the hottest and driest part of the day, this is actually extremely ineffective. Typically the hottest part of any day is from 11am-3pm. If you choose to water your lawn during this time, too much water can be lost due to rapid evaporation. It is always best to water your lawn in the very early morning. Between 6 and 10 am, there is less heat and exposure to sunshine so the water won’t evaporate before it has a chance to soak into your lawn. It also allows your lawn a full day to dry, which helps prevent disease.

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