At Carrington Lawn & Landscape we take a lot of pride in our Fertilizer & Weed Control division. We only use premium products and equipment when making all applications. All of our applications are made by applicators certified by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (WDATCP). We comply with the phosphorous ban for lawns in Dane County and take great pride in our watersheds (as well as use them often!)

We started this division because of the poor customer service and cheap products our competition (especially the larger services) was using on the lawns we mowed. We only use name brand top of the line products and cut no corners when making applications. Your lawn will be treated as if it was our own and because we are a full service lawn care company, we offer all the lawn care services your lawn may require to look its best.

We exclusively use dry granular products for all of our fertilizer applications which contain slow release nitrogen for constant feed throughout the growing season. All broadleaf weed control is done with selective liquid herbicides which kill weeds without harming grass. This type of program gives your lawn the best in health and appearance.


Our premium turf builder program is designed to target the necessary requirements for your lawn to thrive in both health and appearance without over applying products at inappropriate times and excessive rates (our fertilizer spreaders are calibrated to apply slow release nitrogen at the maximum rate your lawn can absorb and are timed to provide consistent nourishment). In short, we strongly feel there is no better program for a climate as unique as the greater Madison area, including Middleton. We are confident you will feel the same after implementing our program for a single season.

Our standard program consists of four slow-release dry granular fertilizer applications (with pre-emergent weed control) and one scheduled blanket liquid weed control application (no charge for second application if necessary in late summer or for any service calls):

  1.  Early Spring Application: This application includes pre-emergent control (as well as advanced early post-emergent control) for many grassy weeds including the annoying weed crabgrass. This application is done prior to crabgrass germination and creates a barrier in the turf prohibiting this eye soar from entering your lawn. The pre-emergent weed control is blended with a premium dry granular fertilizer allowing for maximum feed.
  2. Spring Application: Blanket selective herbicide application over the entire lawn to provide broadleaf weed control for hundreds of annoying weeds. Dandelions and other broadleaf weeds will wilt and die shortly after treatment.
  3. Early Summer Application: Consists of a premium dry granular fertilizer with slow release nitrogen to provide steady food for your lawn. Broadleaf weed control is applied as necessary to take care of any remaining broadleaf weeds that may have emerged in the lawn.
  4.  Late Summer Application: Here again we apply more slow release nitrogen for a consistent maximum feed. If any broadleaf weeds are present, they will be spot-sprayed dead as needed.
  5. Fall Application: This application is probably the most beneficial for your lawn. While your lawn is preparing for winter by storing food and nutrients in its root system, it is important to feed it what it wants (the grass plant exerts a lot of energy gearing up for its dormant season). This promotes the overall health of the individual grass plants and ensures they will be ready to green up early next spring.

We use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system for addressing pest & insect populations and outbreaks and treat on an as needed basis to prevent lawn injury and stress. We will monitor your yard for infestations and inform, educate and discuss possible treatment options when the health of you lawn is at risk (insect & disease applications are an additional charge).



We are proud to continue to offer our premium organic fertilizing program, first established in 2008. While making improvements and enhancements every year, our Naturally Organic™ Fertilizer Program is now primarily based on the research and development of Lesco® EcoSential™ products. We have used several products that these new fertilizer formulations were derived from and are very excited to offer them in a program that promotes health & appearance while still being economically affordable. They are offered in our four-step Naturally Organic™ Fertilizer Program. While the exact application schedules may be influenced by weather patterns, in general, there is an Early Spring Feeding, Summer Maintenance, Summer Stress and Fall Winterizer applications.

Each organic product is a dry-granular fertilizer with naturally available slow release nitrogen for consistent feed. The grass plants nutrients are derived from blood meal, fish meal, bone meal, urea and several other sources. These protein meals help provide microbial nutrition and restore life and energy to tired and stressed soil systems. This increased microbial activity is only found with organically based fertilizers. These products also supplement carbon that is lost due to plant growth and regular maintenance. Carbon is essential for the movements of nutrients throughout the grass plant, storing energy and building roots, stems and leaves.

Another benefit from our newly formulated organic products is they are low odor in contrast to previous organic products. Our Naturally Organic™ Fertilizer Program is suited for use in all weather conditions and requires no special care after application. You can rest assured that your Wisconsin lawn will naturally thrive! 




We were proud to officially launch this program in 2013 after using it on select long term customer lawns in years past. This is a five step hybrid program that uses applications one and two from our Turf Builder Program and the remaining three applications from our Naturally Organic Program. You will receive season long crabgrass protection and broadleaf weed control that targets weeds at the height of their bloom. This program controls a vast majority of weeds while significantly reducing herbicide use. This program does require a slight tolerance for sporadic weeds due to limited spraying, but far from an infestation. You also get to enjoy the above listed benefits from feeding your lawn organically. As proud lifelong residents of Madison, who understand/appreciate Madisonian values, we feel that this program balances care for the environment while allowing for a healthy, functional and aesthetically beautiful lawn.

Ornamental Bed Weed Control

There are three methods we use to control weeds in mulch and rock beds. Hand weeding, pre-emergent herbicide treatments and post-emergent herbicide treatments all have their time and place. Most often the best way to control weeds is by using a combination of these three methods or by choosing the most appropriate based on conditions and customer needs. Non-chemical options are also available.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

This herbicide is applied to mulch and rock beds to prevent weed seeds from ever germinating. It is usually applied in the spring, but can be applied any time during the growing season. We usually only make one application per season with this service.

Post-Emergent Weed Control – This herbicide is applied to existing weeds in mulch and rock beds. Depending on your demands for keeping your property weed-free, the number of applications for this service varies. We usually set up a schedule (monthly or bi-monthly) for applications to all your landscape beds.

Fertilizer Pic 4-1Insect & Disease Control

If an insect or disease becomes present in your lawn, we will notify you of the problem and rectify it. While lawns in the Madison area are susceptible to certain insects and diseases, they are usually only treated on an as needed basis. White Grubs are the most common problem encountered in lawns in our area and can easily be treated with an insecticide problem.

Fertilizer Pic 5Two good indicators that you have a grub problem are the presence of moles looking for food (they cause small bumps in long lines through the grass) and Japanese and May/June Beetle damage to tree and shrub leaves in summer and early fall (they are the adult form of grubs and like to eat foliage close to home).

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